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Granny Mary’s – Absolutely Nothing Artificial

Granny Mary’s Original Recipes is the brand name behind a wide range of high quality natural food products. Our ethos is “Absolutely Nothing Artificial”

Granny Mary is a real person in fact she is the founders actual Granny & Great Granny. The company (E.T. Sutherland & Son Ltd) was started by Mary & her husband Eddie in 1927 and you can read a little about the history of this remarkable lady in the following pages of this web site. E.T.Sutherland & Son LTD is now owned by Greencore PLC.

In 2012 her  Grandson & Great Grandson Alistair & William Sutherland started up Original Recipes LTD, commonly referred to as ‘Granny Mary’s as it is her recipes and methods that we use to-day.

Our old fashioned values mean that all of our branded products are made using only the best high quality natural ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible and one of our mission statements is to only use ingredients that would be available to Granny Mary in 1927.

To see more about our Brands please click here. We have more brands coming to market every year so if your are interested in discussing any potential product that fit the Granny brief then we would love to talk with you.

Contact Granny Mary’s now for more details and an initial discussion about your food manufacturing requirements. Visit with us to see the brands and try the quality products for yourself.

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